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I am drawn to paint the beauty in the natural world as well as the beauty in what is old, neglected and discarded. I usually start a painting with an image or a feeling, but if the painting goes in another direction, I follow it, giving the painting permission to be itself. I paint by making forms and then dissolving them, searching for structure that allows breathing space.

My paintings have a history. Sometimes they are torn and stitched back together again. Other times they are composed of many layers or journeys before finally arriving at a resting point, at least for now.  In the series Rupture, Repair and Renewal I am working on canvases that are torn and repaired, exploring themes of healing, recovery and the tension between control and letting go. The Recent Landscapes series focuses mostly on ethereal landscapes based on locations from County Mayo, Ireland, with a special emphasis on Clew Bay.

I find making art healing, playful, challenging, and sometimes frustrating. When I have the opportunity to spend time in my studio I am more open to the outside world. I can appreciate the beauty and cope better with the craziness. And if what I make speaks to other people and they find it healing, playful, challenging or frustrating, all the better.