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  1. Hey Connie, it looks amazing. A few of my favorites are Graduation, City at Night, and Musing #3. You should be famous.

  2. Connie they are great, your style developed very much in relation to ten years ago,when we visited you
    I liked most the “Urban” because in spite of being abstract you can easily visualize through them concrete places, very different one from the other, and their vivid colors are awsome.

  3. Hi Connie,

    I keep coming back to your paintings and enjoy them more every time. Mary keeps asking me to pick my favorite. But this is too difficult!

  4. Hi Connie

    I liked your newest although they made me sad, where is that place?

    Is it ever sunny?

    I enjoyed agin all the others


    • It’s the view from Sean’s cottage in Murrisk or from Croagh Patrick, the mountain behind the cottage. I feel a kind of sadness in them too, perhaps an emigrant’s sadness, but mostly I think of Murrisk as a very beautiful place that I love to go visit.

  5. I saw one of the Clews paintings at Collector on College Ave. I immediately recognized your work–a friend bought three of your Irish-inspired landscapes at the same time I bought “Windows” during East Bay Open Studios in 1999. I’ve been trying to find you again for years. So glad to find your website!

    • Hi Laurie,

      I’m glad you found me. I remember you and your friend attending an open studio and buying some paintings. I will put you on my email list for future shows and open studios.


  6. Connie,

    Your work is really stunning. I especially love the Quilt series and the Personal series. The etheric quality to your work is so lovely. I feel a good connection between your paintings and Mariposa gardens. I am very much looking forward to seeing your work in person at your Open Studio. Thank you so much for the invite!


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